Production of glued laminated timber houses
and glued laminated wooden structures
We work with private customers and cottage settlements throughout Russia and abroad
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Advantages of working with us
Individual approach
We do not use standard designs. We create customized architectural solutions adapted to the landscape, climate zone, family structure, sphere of interests, budget, and project delivery time.
In-house design
Our in-house design specialists have over 5 years of experience in wooden house construction. We provide design solutions ranging from an amateur sketch to a full set of construction documents. When ordering a kit house, you will get project documentation as a gift.
Preservative treatment at production site
Automatic treatment of the kit house details with protective compositions during manufacture process ensures safety of the construction at any season. The option of industrial tinting of protective compositions for toning and colouring the house details.
Price with no extra charges
The price already includes the kit house with cut connecting elements under the project, preservative treatment against cracking for cut ends, protective packaging of unit load devices, loading operations. There are no additional costs for wood waste (not more than 5%). The volume of pieces is estimated with accuracy up to 3 decimal places.
High-precision equipment supplied by the leading world manufacturers
No impact of human factors on kit house manufacturing. Digital release for manufacture in computer codes of a numerically-controlled machine tool.
In-house quality control
Multiple quality control system at production site and individual marking of operators and quality inspectors. Automated bar-code checking for completeness.
Logarthouse in figures
2 000
Plant capacity
4,5 ha
Square footage
2 500
Manufacturing space
Units of production machinery
Units of loading equipment
Total space of manufactured kit houses
50 people
Total number of stuff
Our team
Sorokin Andrey
Kirillova Anna
Commercial director
Kulandina Lyubov
Seleznev Sergei
Project Manager
Svetlana Likhacheva
Sales Manager
Our partners
Japanese manufacturer of glue systems for the woodworking industry
German manufacturer of woodworking machinery
International manufacturer of paint and coatings
The world’s leading trader of wood and woodworking products
German manufacturer of high-power planer machines for processing glued wood
Swiss manufacturer of CNC machines and automatic centers for high precision wood machining
Austrian manufacturer of automatic wood drying equipment
The German company for the production of glue