LogArtHouse LLS is a full-cycle production enterprise

LogArtHouse LLS is a full-cycle production enterprise

We are developing and growing! LogArtHouse LLS is now a full-cycle production enterprise. Now we not only produce glued beams, but also produce lumber for the production of our timber and are engaged in the construction of turnkey houses.

In the autumn of 2020, our plant launched its own sawing line. Since the beginning of 2021, this division has been working at full capacity and allows us not to depend on board suppliers. Also now we can produce a wider range of sizes of timber and various lumber.

This year we are actively developing the construction division. Its main task is to implement a" turnkey " project of the customer, which includes the entire range of work from the development of the necessary documentation to the arrangement of furniture or equipment. The construction of a beautiful, reliable, safe house is a complex and time-consuming process in which you can not do without the help of professionals.