Design, production, construction of houses from glued timber

The right approach to choosing a house

Each person who dreams of building his own house asks himself about the same questions: where will my house stand? What will it be made of? What will it look like? What will be the size? And the most important, and often the decisive question - how much will it all cost?

To determine the answers you first need to choose a strategic approach when evaluating the house.

The advantages of our product

The correct profile of gearing, providing a more stable fit parts. The teeth have gaps and do not rest on the side walls of the profile, breaking them out during shrinkage;

Details up to 13.5 meters long have a maximum of 3 joints on the front lamellae, providing visual aesthetics and uniformity of the walls in the rooms.


The birth of any wooden house begins with the harvesting of logs, the so-called timber forest: ripe, seasoned, dense, northern wood. The process of implementing each project is a creative magic combining the work of each company specialist in their own narrow professional field into a single picture of the house - your unique living space, family ancestral nest. That is why we chose the name of the company LOGARTHOUSE.

Log (English) - wood, trunk, log.
Art (English) - art, craftsmanship, professional craft.
House (eng.) - house, individual residential buildings, dynasty, genus.

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Previously, when choosing between the pros and cons of wood as a material for building a house, it was necessary to make a difficult choice and often make a compromise. However, in the mid-80s of the last century in Finland, a technology was born that eliminates traditional cons of wood constructions.

Sawing a log or timber along the fibers, drying each part separately, ideally fitting each other, cutting defects and pasting together, you can get a new product that does not have the disadvantages of traditional wooden materials.

Glued laminated timber is the most technologically advanced material made of wood today, which allows to avoid most of the shortcomings of other traditional technologies of wooden housing.

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Cozy, warm, comfortable country houses will never lose their desires. Practically every second of us remembers the time spent in the village with his grandmother, and dreams someday to make childhood memories a way of life.

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